With its unconventional presentation, the Performance Snow White Backstage could surprise you … The smooth aesthetic is seductive! … Overall, one is happy in this innovative, volatile frame of conceptual ideas, half-sentences and the voice of beauty.
Timon Mikocki - jungekritik.com

Theatre is a bubble … The spectator sinks into a world of sound and alienates from the present, … 
Oliviero Ponte di Pino – ATEATRO Webzine di cultura teatrale

“Dwarf” and “Snow White” ask their questions … – and allow the audience to ponder over questions and possible answers themselves, while watching the dances and listening to mainly electronic music. 
Heinz Wagner, KIKU

It is an impressive piece which, having an elaborate stage set and an amazing rhythm, not at last generated by the intensity of the two performers, does not let go. [...] Snow White undergoes together with the audience the metamorphosis of the rescued Beautiful to the Savior of her own happiness. 
Susanne Trenkwalder, Spectator