TWOF2 + dascollectiv

Cyber Bee 

FREE - NO FUTURE WITHOUT REMEMBRANCE: The FREE project aims to strengthen the pathways of active citizenship of young people, policy makers, public and private institutions and citizenship in general.

The objectives are: Cultural and historical, with the aim of keeping alive the historical memory to promote a critical and conscious reading of the present in order to formulate interpretative hypotheses of contemporary society.

Educational and social, developing teaching paths, starting from direct experiences to increase active participation in citizenship.

Institutional, developing and networking a wide range of opportunities in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Greece: workshops, training seminars, artistic performances, performances, trips and volunteer camps.

The re-elaboration of the experiences will take place through public restitution, with different forms of expression, in a container-installation of artistic performances: readings, choreography, movies, theater pièces, flash mobs, exhibitions.

There will be two moments of return: the first in January 2019, the second at the end of the path, in January 2020 a public event will be organized to return, with the intention of disseminating and disseminating the reflections, documents, cultural products and testimonies of the participants in the